Popular Products 

Sheet mask 

You can make your own sheet mask which is very easy to use by anyone and everywhere. This mask was so popular last year in the USA that the sales of the masks increased about 60.

The face-shaped sheet fabrics is soaked  in nutrition-packed serum/ The serum consists of many beneficial natural ingredients. It is based on Serum Emulsion, which is different from a  regular skin gel.

 The natural ingredients will make the effect you would like to get from the sheet mask: cleaning, lifting, anti-aging and more.

All you have to do is to choose your favorite material, effect, texture, and smell- and your sheet mask will be your next popular product.

PhytoCode ®

Nowadays the serum is part of every skincare routine.

The serum is essential to keep the skin looking youthful and wrinkles free.

Considered the superhero of skincare, the serum is packed with powerful ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin.

This serum includes the 12 herbal stems cells extracts that are the best natural ingredients for the prevention of age-related skin changes.


Your serum could be adjusted for all kind of skin and get wonderful Anti-aging results.

Diamond Peeling

All kinds of skin need a peel, which is a  treatment that can help with all kinds of problems, from pigmentation to scarring, hydration to acne, skin texture to fine lines and wrinkles.

The Diamond peel contains fruit acids and diamond powder that provide gentle exfoliation of dead cells and smoothing skin texture and complexion.


The Diamond powder can be added to any of the other products: Serums, Cream, Gel, Mask and each one upgrades with the Diamond affection.

As everyone dreams to have some diamonds, this is your chance to choose this effective diamond treatment for glowing and shiny skin. 

Puree Treat

Nowadays we work hard to preserve the natural treasures

Puree Treat is a natural product which includes a series of active components of fruits and vegetables.

The natural ingredients are working on skin renovation by outside work, and at the same time it has  a wonderful influence on the immune system.

The Puree Treat is a natural gift that purifies the skin, reduces inflammation and excess oiliness.

Foot cream

The feet take a beating just about every day of your life. All the base treatments start from the feet so you should get your foot cream for every age and lifestyle.

Your cream foot contains natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredients to heal and prevent further foot problems and get absorbed wonderfully quickly.

We have the technology and development to make super powerful cream which stands the test of texture and smell.