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What is Clay?

Clays are a soft, loose, earthy material mainly found in mineral clay deposits that lay on or just below the surface of the Earth. 

Clays and clay minerals have been mined since the Stone Age and have been used in beauty care for hundreds of years. 

Clays are classified by their unique mineral content and their crystalline structure.  Their mineral content and physical structure, like color, are determined by the place from which the clay is mined. 

There are many different clays available for cosmetic use and due to their unique chemical composition, each type of clay exhibits different properties and thus provides a different benefit to the skin. This is why I.P.I.Phytolab includes a number of different clay minerals into cosmetic formulas. 

Clays have the ability to exfoliate, absorb excess oils, cleanse dirt and impurities and invigorate the skin.

Regular use of pure cosmetic clays can remove dead skin cells, remove debris and impurities from the pores, improve circulation and bring about a smooth healthy glow to the skin. When combined with water, clays can bind to impurities and eliminate them from the skin and hair.  

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