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About Us


Development and manufacture of cosmetic products under

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Our Story

I.P.I. PhytoLab Ltd. was established in 1998 as a laboratory and boutique factory for the development and production of cosmetic products under various Private Labels.

The company attributes its success and growth to the principle "Science+Traditions", which means that it uses traditional recipes, when they are validated by modern science, and applies scientific innovations when they are rooted in the time-proven traditions of folk medicine.

All skincare products are designed according to individual customer requests and all cosmetic formulas are specifically customized. 

In production process I.P.I. Phytolab makes use of up to 350 kinds of natural plant extracts and manufactures on its own 35 sorts of powerful herbal extracts.

The most distinctive feature of our production method lies in gaining long-lasting retention of almost 100% active components extracted according to the advanced patented high-pressure “cold” technology that ensures maximum product effectiveness.

From the very start I.P.I. Phytolab adheres to the highest quality standards and manufacturing practices for cosmetic products in full compliance with contemporary regulatory requirements.

In our laboratory for new product development we produce a large variety of product samples that are always accompanied by all the necessary technical and processing documents: product descriptions, lists of ingredients, approvals of the Ministry of Health, results of laboratory tests for appropriate pH levels, bacterial flora, viscosity, safety, etc.

I.P.I. Phytolab starts the production cycle only after receiving the governmental certificates that officially approve the high quality and safety of the tested cosmetic preparations.

We carefully keep and maintain the production-related documentation to present it to the regulatory institutions upon request. The company regularly conducts inspections for compliance with quality and hygiene standards, as well as periodic financial audits.

A creative and energetic team of specialists ensures constant improvement and updating of formulations as well as the continuous perfecting of technologies and packaging. Our employees on a regular basis attend various advanced training courses in order to discover more of the latest cosmetic trends and production methods.

Our Competitive Advantages 


A wide range of cosmetic products and raw materials
• High-quality ingredients 100% approved by ECOCERT
• Fresh plant extraction prior to every batch production

• Reasonable Minimum Order Quantity requirements
• Assistance in choosing the right product packaging

• Professional logo and package design in our art studio


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