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BioTech  Components

When nature meets high-tech science in a lab, biotechnology is created.

Biotechnology uses microorganisms and enzymes to obtain specific products through fermentative processes and genetic engineering techniques. Examples of these products are active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, kojic acid, resveratrol, enzymes, and various peptides, which are used in skin anti-aging products.

This type of technology allows active ingredients to work in harmony with skin naturally.

Its main functions are to protect skin against environmental damage, support and strengthen the skin barrier by producing fatty acids and lipids to nourish skin and communicate with the body’s immune system.

Since biotech skincare ingredients are produced at higher reliability, with better quality control, and have potentially lower adverse effects on the environment, these ingredients have become increasingly popular over the past decade. 

Cosmetic innovations have come a long way, and biotechnology has allowed the beauty space to develop safer and more effective ingredients.

Biotechnology has been heralded as a less costly and more efficient means of producing a range of active ingredients for beauty and personal care, but perhaps the biggest advantage is the sustainability factor.

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