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In accordance with International Cosmetic Regulations


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Our company maintains adequate and proper documentation related to the entire manufacturing process, including stability testing, in order to provide our clients with complete traceability at every stage of the product development processaccepting delivery, warehousing, sampling, testing, qualifying raw and packing materials, recognition or disapproval of formulas, production, packaging, shipping, etc.


High Standards


We operate our business in compliance with the strict GMP regulations and adhere to globally recognized standards in addition to our rigorous internal quality control practices.

I.P.I. Phytolab Ltd. is ISO Certified for 9001, 13485 and 22716 standards.

We run our manufacture in firm adherence to the requirements of both the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.


We follow the highest environmental standards: 

1. No Animal Testing

2. Raw materials are all organically grown


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